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commercial roofers and industrial roofer TorontoOur  roofer in Toronto and Mississauga will give you a professional evaluation. On newer rooferindustrial roofs, reflective coatings can be a cost effective way to extend roof life and reduce inside temperature. We carry a complete line of coatings for all industrial roofers needs. Our rooferroofers installations and repairs are professional and of high quality. From flat roofs to tar and gravel roofers.


Repairs & Maintenance
Simple roofer roofers repairs can save the cost of a new roof if done properly, and in time. roofers repairs that are attempted on roofs that are too old, or that have special problems can be an expensive waste of money. Let our roofer roofers company assess your roofers needs accurately, to save time and money.


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Why install a metal roof? The cost of a metal roof can be substantially more than a premium asphalt roof; the truth is, metal roofs can actually save you money over time, increase the value of your home, and at the same time be pleasing to the eye and the environment. Metal roofs reflect heat, cutting your utility bills up to 40%! With our professional metal rooferroof installation, you will never need to re-roof again!

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Capsheet refers to finishing the rooferroof with a final "cap" top layer of roll roofers which is surfaced with reflective white ceramic granules. The rooferroof to be covered must have a good slope, positive drainage and a relatively smooth surface. Application is critical to assure tight seams, and a sheet layout which avoids water bucks and seam-on-seam lapping.

Built-Up Felt/Rock Flat roofers  Residential shingle roofers

Rock surfaced roofers usually consists of built-up layers of fiberglass roofers felts and hot asphalt. The roof is finished with a surfacing of hot asphalt and crushed rock. The built-up layered construction allows it to be used on low sloped roofs. But the roof structure must be able to support the considerable weight of the rock without causing the deck to sag. By using various combinations of different weight felts, the life expectancy and durability of felt/rock roofers can be suited to each roofers problem and price range.

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Toronto Mississauga Oakville Burlington Etobicoke Hamilton Milton expert industrial roofers and rooferroof maintenance, emergency repairs, roof inspections, and roof maintenance programs.

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Manufacturing Plants Film Studios
Government Agencies Shopping Malls
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Financial Institutions Insurance Companies
Property Management Companies Distribution and Logistical Facilities.

Metal, flat, gravel roof sealing stop leaks, repairs.


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Specializing in reroofers, Industrial/Residential/Commercial, maintenance and emergency repairs; serving the Greater Toronto Area


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